A Horse of a Different Color

Enjoy watching racing at Scotty's Bar and Steakhouse in Kalispell. I had absolutely no reason to be in Montana. Let’s call it a random side trip with the hopes of seeing some views. Luckily, I managed to stumble across Scotty’s Bar and Steakhouse in Kalispell.

Royal Vegas online casino games & bonusesI’m not sure if they have legalized casino gambling in the area or not, but I happened to be there right when I needed to to get some wagers out of my system.

Turns out the Kentucky Derby was happening that day, and it turns out I’m not too shabby when it comes to picking horses. Sure, one of the locals gave me a tip as I spoke with him over that monstrosity of a steak that he called lunch, but hey, I still feel good about it.

I walked out with an extra $300 in my pocket that day, and while it may not have even covered the gas that the detour cost, my little venture into horse racing has got me hooked.