A New York Hole in the Wall

Complete your trip in New York by visiting Cheer’s Neighborhood Bar and GrillAnyone messing around in New York City would be doing themselves a disservice if they failed to hit up West Seneca, but even those individuals wouldn’t feel complete if they managed to miss out on Cheer’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill.

More welcome bonus at emucasinoNot sure this is a pub, but it sure felt like one, and on Mondays, poker players can rejoice. This bar and grill has two games every Monday, the the individuals you’ll meet by staying for both are an eclectic group.

Have fun while playing poker with great food at Cheer’s Neighborhood Bar and GrillHave you ever played with a Vietnam vet with a hardline face during the game, only to hear about how sweet his new puppy is during game breaks? Well, if you haven’t, it’s a sight.

Having fun during these games of poker is only intensified by the fact that you can play pool, hit up the Internet jukebox and enjoy some amazing tacos between the games. Watch out for that vet, though; he’s a shark on the pool table.