A Taste of Hollywood

Have a nice "boogie night" at Hollywood Casino Any gambler going through Baton Rouge, LA. simply has to stop at Hollywood Casino. I mean, the place is RIGHT on the water.

I just so happened to be there for “Boogie Night”, but as is the case with any serious pub crawler, I simply enjoyed the drinks and a form of blackjack that’s not usually seen when sitting amongst friends.

Get up to C$800 free at River Belle Casino - play nowField Goal 21 is an exciting and risky game that the little place runs, and involves making side wagers before cards even go out on the table.

Place your bet and win in blackjackNow, I’m not usually too excited about betting before I know my odds, but hey, you only live once.

I undoubtedly won a good amount at the tables I sat at, because even after an evening of enjoying “Boogie Night”, I still woke up with a nice roll of cash in my pocket. I enjoyed the gaming, but there’s no doubt that I’d head back even if they didn’t have a single table.