About Rocky

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You already know the story behind my stories, but you must understand why it is that I’m doing this. I’ve got the means to travel the world, and it took just the right amount of skill and luck to achieve this.

More about Rocky at rockyscrownpub.comI haven’t forgotten, though, where it is that I came from. I’ve now been across the world and know the greatest places, even down to local pubs, to go to. Unfortunately for me, this wasn’t always the case.

When traveling in the past, I didn’t have much discretionary spending power, so when I stopped somewhere to do a bit of gambling or gaming, it was a shot in the dark as to whether I’d have fun or not. Sometimes, I’d simply be out of luck by wasting my time and money to check out a place that wasn’t worth neither.

Casino Mate AU$ 1400 Free - Play NowAll this time, back when I didn’t have much, I wished that there was someone out there with the knowledge that I now have who would’ve shared it with the world. Well, it seems that that person still didn’t exist by the time my spending power improved, so I decided that I’d be that guy.

This site is for those who are still working their way up in the card, playing at a casino or online casino or the best casino games or various other games they might enjoy playing anywhere in the world. This is to help you along your way, because in all honesty, I can’t wait to see you get here.