An Irish Pub Out of Place

Experience the poker tournament at Jamesons Irish Pub

I’ll admit it: when traveling near Minnesota, I figured I’d stop in at the Mall of America. Of course, when I heard of the poker tournaments at Jameson’s Irish Pub in White Bear Lake, I had to make the detour.

Wild Jackpots 100 free spins 250% up to $€200 on rabiit on the hat - play nowI’ve since heard that the place has closed down, but there’s not been much of a reason to head to Minnesota to find out. While there, I really got the feel of Ireland, but my favorite part was the fact that the Hold’em tournaments actually had prizes.

Try your luck with poker and win big cash prizeOnly first place got a cash prize, but I managed to swing a nice $10 gift card by placing third.

I’ve been told not to say anything if it’s not nice, so I’ll reserve an opinion on the food. Luckily, as a pub, its brews were absolutely fine. In fact, after a few drinks, you don’t even care that the pizza tastes like the cardboard it came out of. the experience was definitely one to remember, very different from the online gambling I had grown accustomed to on