And His Name was Bingo

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Play bingo at 95 Slide in Capital Hill in SeattleAnyone who knows me knows that I’m more of a card game fella. Sliding into a dive bar or pub and finding a nice poker game going on is enough to keep me excited.

When I found 95 Slide in Capital Hill in Seattle, though, I got a whole new experience in gambling. I just happened to stroll in on Wednesday night, and who would’ve thought that it’d turn out to be bingo night?

Feel the thrill to be the first to shout BINGOThis place must be checked out if for no other reason than it has “chili mac” on its menu, but the bingo game was a thrill as well. While the game was free, the five dollar whiskeys weren’t, but who can really complain about that?

The locals kept the atmosphere upbeat, and you’d never guess how excited a blonde college student can get over spelling B-I-N-G-O on a card.