Australia on the 25th of April

So if you ever land yourself in Australia on April 25More about Anzac Daay and 2 up at, get ready for a treat. Down in Rouse Hill, there’s a nifty little pub known as “The Mean Fiddler”. Honestly, with a name like that, how could it not be fun?

Gaming club casino doouble deposit bonus up to $350 - Join nowApril 25 is, for some reason, associated with a game called “two-up.” I’m told the game is related to Anzac Day, but they might as well have told me “fiddly doo dah” day since I had no idea what they were talking about.

Now, make sure to enjoy “The Mean Fiddler”, but don’t go there anticipating a fun game of two-up. From what I was told, the game is illegal in Australia, or at least where I was. Funnily enough, however, I’m pretty sure there were few police officials present.

The Mean Fiddler is a nifty little pub in AustraliaFrom what I’m told, they generally over look the game. I won’t lie; I lost a bit of money. The game is played by simply flipping a couple of pennies, but since I was playing catch up on the rules, my betting may have been a bit illogical. Alas, you win some; you lose some.