The Charlotte Experience

Play poker and win at Buffalo Rings and Things

So North Carolina seemed like a nice place to stop by, and the views couldn’t be more breathtaking. Of course, when I heard of the Pub Poker Championship in the city, there really was no¬† alternative but to hand out for a few days.

Go for points to win prizes in Poker Tour's Amateur Poker LeagueAfter a little research, I found out that Buffalo Rings and Things was the place to be. The tournament is free, but much like the World Poker Tour’s Amateur Poker League, players are going for points to win prizes.

Kaboo all true new games and bonusesLet’s get this much straight: when you ask for hot wings in this place, that’s exactly what you get. So, if you’ve got a weak stomach, stick to celery and poker.

My first night in Charlotte was a disappointment. I didn’t even make a final table in the tournament, but then again, there were quite a few tables. I’ll tell you what, though, the drink specials were enough to ease my woes.