Too Early to Bid?

Biddy Early's is a dive bar that offers keno.On a little side trip to Boston, I decided to have a bit of fun in a game that I didn’t have much experience in. Of course, I had no clue what I should try, but then I came across Biddy Early’s.

More on Guts casino bonusThis dive bar offered Keno, and that quickly became the game of the night. Keno isn’t unlike other games of chance. In fact, it’s got a few similarities to roulette. As I sat there and watched the random ball fly across the screen to land on whatever number the television felt was a good choice.

Hit and win the jackpot at KenoI felt a little lonely not having other players to go up against. Of course, two dollar beers can go a long way and eventually I was chatting it up with the locals. I won’t lie, I kind of adore the Bostonian accent.

I felt like I was talking to Mark Wahlberg the whole time. For a basic hole in the wall, the place provided company who, even though they did better in Keno than I, were well worth the trip.