Vegas Casino or Dive?

Play craps at Casino Royale Vegas A person wouldn’t expect a casino to be connected to a Denny’s and a Best Western motel, but that’s probably exactly what drew me to the Casino Royale in Vegas. Sure, the name says “casino”, but go check it out.

JackpotCity Casino 2 x 100% match bonus - play nowThe dingy, small and somewhere strange feel of the place puts it into the genre of “dive bar” more than casino. Honestly, though, no one should let this little bit keep them away from the Royale.

Learn how to play craps at rockyscrownpub.comAll the games you could ever want to play to lose or win money on are there. My favorite? The little craps tables. For those who don’t know how to play craps; learn to play before going to Vegas.

Everyone who enters can enjoy three dollar craps, and for those with a love for blackjack, they’ve got it for two and three dollars. And heck, if you lose your shirt playing craps, like I almost did, you can still enjoy a nice final dinner at the Outback Steakhouse on site.